Five Reasons Why You Need Cosmetic Dentistry 

Five Reasons Why You Need Cosmetic Dentistry 

April 16, 2020

Although it is assumed cosmetic dentistry is for beauty purposes, it more than that. Having missing, cracked, misshapen, and discolored teeth not only damper your smile but can reflect badly on your appearance and health. Furthermore, dental imperfections can impair your dental structure and weaken your teeth. That’s why at Quad Dental we prioritize smile makeovers and give you a variety of services to fix your smile.

Our cosmetic dental treatment does more than just fix your teeth it offers other benefits too. Here are five reasons why you should consider getting cosmetic dentistry services at our dental clinic.

1. Improve Dental Structure

Sometimes because of inevitable circumstances, we may end up having our teeth extracted which leave spaces in between. Not only are these spaces unsightly, but they also damage your gums and structure. Furthermore, they can lead to the receding of the bone causing significant bone loss which further weakens the teeth.

To fix the problem, we have a variety of solutions that can help replace your missing teeth. You can choose either dental implants or bridges, both of which offer the same solution but have different procedures. Veneers and dentures can also be used, but don’t offer a perfect solution as the dental implants do. 

2. No Duller or Discolored Teeth 

Teeth whitening has become a routine dental procedure because yellow stains can negatively impact your oral health, your smile, confidence, and esteem.

Teeth discoloration is at times not preventable because of factors like age and diet. However, with professional teeth whitening you can get rid of the stains for good. Our professional teeth whitening treatment can give you sparkling white teeth in a few minutes. Additionally, we have take-home kits that can help you maintain the results at home. We customize these kits to fit your individual needs. 

We recommend having teeth whitening at least once a year as the results last between six and nine months depending on your lifestyle.

3. Have All Your Teeth Same Shape and Size 

Misshapen teeth whether due to cracks or abnormal dental growth are unattractive, but with dental veneers, you can restore the size and shape of your teeth. These thin shells are fixed on the teeth surface to change the appearance as well as the size of the teeth. We fix the dental veneers in two dental visits and they can last for ten years with proper care.

Veneers can also work great if you have severe dental discoloration when the professional teeth whitening is not an option.

4. Get Rid of Dental Cavities 

Despite having proper dental hygiene, dental cavities can still form affecting your enamel and gums. In mild to moderate dental decay, we recommend root canal and treatment to remove the infected pulp and save the tooth. Tooth extraction is only performed in severe dental decay where the teeth can’t be salvaged.

5. Fix Cracked and Chipped Teeth 

Although our enamel is strong, it can crack and chip because of poor dental hygiene or accidents. Having cracks in your teeth can cause food particles to accumulate and bacteria to grow which causes cavities, sensitivity, and pain. However, with solutions such as veneers, crowns, and dental bonding, you can fix the cracks and restore the integrity of the teeth.

The Quad Dental Difference 

We focus on dental health care and the prevention of these diseases. That is why as part of our cosmetic dental treatment, we offer education on various dental problems. With the right information, you can easily prevent most of the dental conditions such as discoloration and decay. Furthermore, we offer professional dental cleaning with every appointment and oral cancer screening. The test may not prevent cancer, but knowing your health status can give you a fighting chance.

Get Your Smile Back

Having misaligned, missing, cracked, and discolored teeth can damper your smile and appearance. However, with our cosmetic dentistry, you can get rid of most of these problems in one dental visit. Contact us today for an assessment and complete smile makeover.

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