Have You Made Your Choice On Braces Or Invisalign? Here Is What You Need To Know Before You Do

Have You Made Your Choice On Braces Or Invisalign? Here Is What You Need To Know Before You Do

May 14, 2020

The discussion on whether to go for invisalign or braces has been with us for a long time. The two options serve the same purpose but solve the problem in different ways. The question to of the two, which one is better, is better explained based on the needs of the user. However, here are some features that make Invisalign better than Braces and some disadvantages that you may want to know before you jump to the option.

Invisalign have a better look

If your objective is to have your teeth corrected with minimal effect on your looks then invisalign is the option for you. These corrective measures are virtually invisible compared to braces that are evidently visible in all forms. It is the king of solution that you would desire if you do not want people to know that you are going through some orthodontic treatment.

You can remove the aligners when you want to eat

Unlike braces, Invisalign can be removed especially when you are eating. You get to enjoy the comfort of eating freely with minimal interference from the corrective medications. Removing them is easy. You do not have to call a professional to remove them for you.

You can brush and floss normally

In addition to being able to remove them when eating, you can enjoy your traditional cleaning techniques with minimal interference. You can remove the Invisalign when you want to brush your teeth or floss and replace them when you are finished. The procedure is simple and fast. Anyone can remove and replace the Invisalign.

Minimal consultation and dental visits

You do not need to have regular visits to the dentist during and after installation. With Invisalign much work is done before wearing the aligners. Once you are done with the orthodontist at this level, you will have minimal consultations over the procedure. This makes it time saving, flexible, and cost saving with this regards.

They are comfortable

Invisalign unlike braces are comfortable to wear. They have minimal interference with your dental structure and feel. You will feel comfortable to run your regular tasks and feel normal with Invisalign. You will experience fewer mouth and gum problems compared to braces. While admittedly moving teeth is uncomfortable with both options, with Invisalign you should not expect any cuts on the inside of the cheeks or cleaning using salt like is the case with braces. You therefore get to enjoy some level of comfort with the use.

However, Invisalign comes with a number of drawbacks that you must be aware of before making the decision.


For some people taking the aligners every so often maybe uncomfortable and undesired. You may not like the experience of having to remove the aligners and return them regularly as will be required of the Invisalign.

The costs are higher than braces. You should expect to pay more if you chose Invisalign over braces for the same solution. If cost is an issue that you can trade for the various advantages, then you may find Invisalign expensive.

The decision of which option is better between the two depends on the person and what you want from the procedure. If you desire to maintain your look during the procedure then you will find Invisalign suitable. If you intend to feel comfortable and you do not want you colleagues or friend to see that you are undergoing some form of dental correction, then Invisalign will serve you perfectly. However, you will be expected to pay more and dill with the discomfort of regularly removing the aligners during various occasions and situations. In addition, they may not offer the perfect correction for certain situations.

It is essential that when you are visiting a general dentistry for a corrective procedure, you understand what the procedures offer and make a decision from an informed position. While your dentist may offer you substantial information on your options as is required in general dentistry, getting prepared and having some understanding of the facts is essential to evaluate the option that works for your situation. Invisalign may work for you but braces can also be the option that gives you the level of comfort and operational ease that you need for your correction.