Dental Implants in North York, ON

Dental Implants in North York, ON

Filling the Gap for Dental Health and a Complete Smile

Dental Care in North York for Permanent and Reliable Tooth Replacement

Considering dental implants in North York? A tooth implant will fill the gap caused by a missing tooth or teeth permanently. These dental implants blend perfectly with your other teeth, require no additional maintenance, and are stronger than dentures or bridges. For dental implants at Quad Dental, schedule your appointment with us today!

Dental implants are effective with:

  • Supporting dentures
  • Replacing a missing or extracted tooth
  • A strong base for a bridge
  • Replacing missing teeth

Procedure of Dental Implant in North York

Because of its permanence, a tooth implant will take longer than most dental procedures. During your consultation, our dentist near you will identify any problems associated with the missing slot, assess your jawline and gums, and discuss your desired outcome for receiving dental implants.

If you are a good candidate for dermal implants, we will schedule the surgical procedure. We treat tooth implant surgery as an outpatient procedure. The first step is inserting a metal post in the tooth implant area. These posts screw into your jawbone to ensure a solid and strong structure base for the tooth implant.

After the post is installed, you will need time to heal. This may take up to six months. We want to ensure the post is well fastened to your jawbone before installing your dental implants. During recovery, your jawbone is growing bone tissue around the post to form a strong and secure bond.

Once the jaw is healed, the dental implant is clicked into place on top of the post. Most of our patients cannot distinguish the dental implants from their natural teeth. Their smile is restored, and their self-confidence is returned.

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