Root Canal Treatment in North, York, ON

Root Canal Treatment in North, York, ON

When You Need to Keep the Tooth That’s Causing You Pain

Think you may need a root canal? The root canal procedure consists of a set of specialized treatments designed to treat problems of the nerve tissue (soft pulp) inside the tooth. While some may think of it as a painful treatment, the procedure is no more uncomfortable than a tooth filling. It is one of the more effective ways of providing tooth pain relief.

It is necessary when infection develops in the nerve tissue inside the tooth. Nerve tissue consists of nerve cell, connective tissue, and blood vessels – which explains why this issue may cause intense pain. The pain will subside with time, but without treatment, the infection won’t. It may lead to an abscess and cause systemic problems in other body parts.

The idea of root canal procedures come with pain and complications is a myth. It is true that infection in the tooth’s nerve tissue can be extremely painful, but having a root canal results in eliminating this acute pain – not causing it.

A saved tooth with this treatment procedure helps you avoid the problems which occur in that opening. These include unwanted tooth shifting or migration, which can lead to loss of bone structure, the need for bridgework or dental implants, or difficulties in chewing.

What to Expect During Root Canal Treatment Near You

Wondering what to expect during your root canal near you? We begin the root canal procedure with an anesthetic to numb the tooth and the surrounding tissue. For many, that is the worst part.

Next, we make a small opening at the surface of the affected tooth to give us access to the root canals and nerve chamber. We use tiny instruments (sometimes with the aid of a microscope) to remove the dying and dead nerve tissue from the narrow canals.

We then clean and disinfect the empty canals and chamber. We then fill the canal with an inert substance and finish by sealing the opening with an adhesive cement to prevent infection. We often place a crown over the tooth to protect it and restore it to full function.

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