Smile Makeovers in North York, ON

Smile Makeovers in North York, ON

Are you interested in smile makeovers in North York? A smile makeover is improving your smile with the help of one or more cosmetic dentistry treatments. The procedures included in our smile makeovers in North York include :

Smile Makeovers in North York

At Quad Dental, we determine beautiful smiles by multiple factors including dental health and the condition of your teeth. Smile makeovers are desired for multiple reasons and tailored to fit each patient.

One of the first things the patient must realize is what they like or dislike about their teeth or smile. Sometimes teeth makeovers are the most important aspect of a smile makeover. The issues to review with your dentist about improving your teeth’s appearance include:

Tooth Color

We can replace amalgam or silver dental fillings may with natural, tooth-colored composite restorations. Teeth whitening may also be implemented to improve the color of dull or stained teeth. An even tooth color and shades are an important consideration for teeth makeovers. It is also important when considering dental implants, bridges, crowns, and porcelain veneers.

When teeth get older, they also get darker and discolored. Bright, white teeth lend to a younger appearance. The tone and color selected should be carefully considered with the skin tone and texture of your face and hair. Our Quad Dental dentists are skilled at finding the optimal balance between a bright smile and natural tooth color for the most natural smile makeovers.

Spacing and Alignment

Teeth which have gaps, overlapping or crooked should be aligned and straightened with the use of teeth veneers, Invisalign, or necessary orthodontics for successful teeth makeovers.

Missing Teeth Replacement

Missing a tooth or teeth can affect your smile negatively – as well as increase the risk of tooth decay and affect your natural bite. Tooth or teeth replacement is critical for dental health and successful smile makeovers. We can replace these missing teeth with partial dentures, bridges, or dental implants.

Balance and Harmony

We can address cracked, chipped, and uneven teeth for esthetic teeth makeovers. Teeth veneers are great tools to enhance your appearance and recontour your overall smile.

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