How Long Does Cosmetic Dentistry Take?

How Long Does Cosmetic Dentistry Take?

January 18, 2023

If you desire the perfect smile, cosmetic dentistry offers a remedy to every dental situation you might encounter. However, no two dental problems are similar, and any cosmetic dentist cannot correct issues in your mouth in one visit except for minor procedures like cleaning your teeth.

How much time you must spend with cosmetic dentistry near you depends on what’s impacting your teeth to make you display an ungainly smile. Therefore you get an idea of how much time cosmetic dentistry takes after visiting the dentist, getting your teeth and mouth examined, and deciding on the best treatment that suits your needs.

Cosmetic dentistry offers many therapies to improve your dental health to complement your smile, but every treatment is different and requires between 90 minutes to a few months to help restore your smile and make you feel better. Therefore the optimal technique is to visit a provider offering cosmetic dentistry services to determine your needs and discuss with the dentist the timeframe before you can display a beautiful smile after receiving the therapy suggested.

What Services Do Cosmetic Dentists Offer?

Cosmetic dentists are not professionals trained merely to provide aesthetic improvements. In reality, they are dentists with training to work as orthodontists, periodontists, et cetera, besides helping you with general dental problems. Therefore the time for any treatment you require varies but follows a set pattern, including the following.

You visit a provider offering cosmetic dental services for a free consultation and mouth analysis. After examining your mouth, the dentist covers potential solutions asking you to choose from one of the options. Next, the dentist will discuss the costs of the therapy and offer a payment plan if required. Your treatment begins after the initial consultation, with follow-up appointments if needed. Finally, reviewing the treatment completes the service you sought from the practice.

Cosmetic dentists don’t offer any treatment available with them unless they determine it is essential for your dental and aesthetic health. It is why they offer free consultations to discuss your needs and to create a treatment plan explicitly for you before starting any procedure.

How Much Time Do Cosmetic Dental Procedures Need?

The precise time of the procedure you need varies depending on what’s affecting your teeth and mouth. However, to give you a general idea, a short list is compiled below for understanding.

  • Dental Bonding: Cosmetic bonding teeth is an excellent therapy to conceal minor dental flaws like chips and cracks, severe discoloration with a couple of teeth, or minor gaps between teeth. If affected by these conditions, you don’t require therapy covering your entire mouth. Instead, the dentist suggests cosmetic bonding to correct the imperfections affecting the specific tooth. Dental bonding requires 30 to 60 minutes per tooth without anesthesia or downtime to leave the impacted teeth appearing similar to the neighboring teeth. It indicates the dentist completes the treatment in one appointment needing a couple of hours, depending on how many teeth you want to be treated.
  • Teeth Whitening: Your teeth discolor with time because of aging, foods and beverages, infections, injuries, medications, et cetera making them appear stained or yellowish. Teeth whitening from cosmetic dentists helps eliminate the stains on your teeth in one or two appointments depending on the severity of the staining. If you have surface stains on the enamel, the dentist completes the treatment within 90 minutes to leave you with brighter teeth in one appointment. Unfortunately, if you have internal stains, you might require a couple of visits to the dentist to eliminate the discoloration.
  • Missing Teeth: the dentist in North York can also help replace missing teeth that impact your smile the most. They offer you dental implants as replacements for lost teeth. However, replacing missing teeth is not an overnight task because dental implants need surgery to embed a titanium post in your jawbone and allow it to integrate with your body to function as your artificial tooth. The North York dentist replaces your lost tooth or teeth after you have recovered from the surgical process needing three to six months. After the recovery, the dentist custom creates a porcelain dental crown to sit atop the dental implant and function as your replacement tooth. Dental implants are permanent replacements appearing and function like your natural teeth and remain with you for life without needing replacements.

As can be seen, every cosmetic dentistry procedure is different and needs varying amounts of time according to specific needs. Cosmetic dentistry can take as little as 90 minutes for your entire mouth or require a few months for a single tooth. Therefore the best option is to discuss your needs with the North York dentist and decide which treatment best suits your needs.

If you need help from cosmetic dentistry to enhance the aesthetic appearance of your smile Quad Dental offers multiple therapies to satisfy your needs. Discuss your requirements with this practice to receive a suggestion on how to improve your smile using cosmetic dentistry.