Facts And Myths About Root Canal Treatment in North York, Ontario

Facts And Myths About Root Canal Treatment in North York, Ontario

December 1, 2022

Root canal therapy has been marred by “horror” stories that have deterred many patients from receiving timely treatment. Most patients would put off visiting our dentist in North York because they don’t want to sit in the dentist’s chair.

Due to misinformation, root canal therapy seems to be a horrifying experience, while it is not. Thank heavens that the stories are not true. Now, we have a chance to sift the facts from the myths to make an informed decision. Sadly, most people believe these stories and end up with dental abscesses and losing their teeth because they believed the myths.

So, are you ready to debunk the root canal myths? Then, let’s get to it.

Myth 1: Root Canal Therapy Is the Most Painful Dental Procedure

In the past, the above statement would have held water since the methods of administering anesthesia, and dental techniques were a bit archaic. But in this era, this is not the truth. Technological advancements are light years ahead of what they used to be in the sixties.

The fact is that dental techniques have improved, and the gadgets used are way better and more efficient. Plus, there is the development of better anesthesia, which has rendered root canals no more painful than simple procedures such as getting a tooth filling.

On the contrary, root canal treatment near you is carried out to alleviate pain. So, our dentist will use whatever technique and anesthesia are appropriate in your scenario to ensure you are comfortable.

Myth 2: The Pain Will Automatically Go Away After the Root Canal

There’s the expectation that after the root canal, the pain will go away immediately. In some cases, this could be true. However, you shouldn’t expect this to happen in every scenario.

Expect the pain to reduce substantially after the procedure. However, you will still experience some pain, lasting from a few days to weeks. The tooth can be uncomfortable to chew on for a week or so. You can use pain medication to deal with the discomfort.

Remember that your root canal needs to heal; give it time, and the pain will dissipate.

Myth 3: An Extraction Is a Better Option Than A Root Canal

It is true that extractions are less costly and aren’t time-consuming as the root canal procedure. But even though it has those benefits, it is never considered a better option than a root canal. When successfully carried out, endodontic therapy can make your tooth last a lifetime.

However, when you remove the tooth, the jawbone begins to deteriorate. The adjacent teeth will begin to move into the new space created by the extraction. If your teeth move substantially, other issues, such as temporomandibular joint pain, will begin to crop up.

Also, you will need to replace your tooth when you extract it. The best option is always getting a dental implant. So, getting a root canal will still be cheaper if you look at the cost.

Myth 4: Root Canals Kill the Teeth

A healthy tooth is neither living nor dead since it is not a being. Therefore, the root canal procedure is not designed to kill the infected tooth, but it saves the tooth. The infected pulp is diseased and contains bacteria that need to be dealt with. The only way to effectively do it is by removing the infected pulp; then, the space is filled using gutta-percha, a rubber-like material that seals off the tooth from bacteria.

Then, the cavity will be filled using a filling to protect the tooth further from bacterial infection. Therefore, the procedure is performed to save a tooth. Your tooth can still function very well with a pulp since the surrounding tissues are more than enough to nourish your tooth.

Myth 5: You Will Only Need a Root Canal When Your Tooth Hurts

Pain shouldn’t be a factor all the time when you need a root canal. Some teeth might need a root canal even when there is no pain, especially when there is no blood supply. So, don’t be shocked when our dentist in North York recommends a root canal after a routine dental examination.

In a nutshell, these are some of the myths out there. However, modern root canal treatment near you is nothing like the way it used to be. In case of any doubt, visit us at Quad Dental to learn more about the procedure.