Teeth Bonding For Gaps Between Your Front Teeth

Teeth Bonding For Gaps Between Your Front Teeth

July 1, 2019

Have you heard of diastema? It’s the gap between your teeth, which can occur anywhere in the mouth. However, they are typically found between the front two teeth. However, the dental condition can be rectified over the time using the dental bonding in ON, which can camouflage the gap between the teeth.

What Is Teeth Bonding

It’s a cosmetic dental treatment which makes use of tooth-colored composite resin. The dentist in M3J 0L1 can sculpt the resin into appropriate shape and size for covering the gap between your front teeth. First the dentist will select a shade of the resin which matches perfectly to your teeth. Then the surface of the front teeth will be prepared for receiving the bonding material. The dentist will etch the surface of the teeth and then apply a conditioning liquid for making it easier for the bonding to stick.

Applying the Material

Once the teeth are prepared, the bonding material is applied. It has putty-like texture, which allows the dentist to shape and mold it while it’s inside your mouth. When the dentist is satisfied, he will use UV light to harden the material in place. The material is then polished so that the inside of your lips doesn’t get irritated.

Good Candidates

The procedure can be used for closing the gaps between the teeth in some people, but it’s not a replacement for orthodontic treatment. Many people with gaps in teeth can’t be treated with bonding alone. If you have other issues such as misaligned teeth and crooked or crowded teeth, the dentist in ON will recommend seeing an orthodontist.

Is Teeth Bonding Right for You?

Even if the dentist approves that the procedure is suitable for you, you must keep a few things in mind before undergoing the treatment. Some personal habits may make it less desirable treatment for you.

  • The bonding material is porous, so if you smoke or drink coffee regularly, the resin may get stained.
  • The material is not as strong as natural teeth, so it may get chipped if you chew on pen/ pencil or fingernails.