Signs you may need a root canal

Signs you may need a root canal

March 26, 2019

Root canals have been around as dental procedures for quite some time now. Yet, most people would get a feeling of intimidation when they hear about a root canal treatment or when they try to analyse whether they need a root canal treatment or not.

At its core, root canal is a surgery. Under this procedure, the root of your infected tooth is sealed in a way that it does not impact the tooth or its neighbouring roots any further. A rather simplistic explanation, it still covers what root canal truly means.

So if you have been wondering whether you need a root canal treatment or not, give a look to this list compiled by the experts at Quad Dental. If you see any of these signs in any order, immediately visit your dentist and see if you need a root canal:


The biggest reason why people visit a dentist, apart from regular cleaning is pain in a specific tooth or in a group of teeth. If you have been witnessing incessant pain in one or a group of teeth, you might be in need of a root canal.

There can be a dozen reasons why you are having excessive pain in one tooth or a group of teeth. That said, it is wiser to visit a dentist and ask whether you would need a root canal or not, instead of popping pain killers.


There are toothpastes which are marketed as relieves to sensitivity and to a certain extent, they actually work. That said, if the sensitivity you face is of great propensity and has been there for a long time now, it is high time you consider a root canal.

Now, a sensitivity may arise because you have a damaged root or you have cavities or the enamel on your tooth has worn of – but root canal can actually cure the sensitivity in an almost permanent manner.


Finally, if you are witnessing swelling in your gum or around the roots or your tooth, it might be a sign of damaged roots, which requires a root canal.