My Experience Getting a Root Canal Treatment

My Experience Getting a Root Canal Treatment

August 23, 2018

Many shake at the thought of even needing a root canal treatment. This fear and anxiety related to said treatment can stem from not knowing exactly what happens during a root canal. One of our main goals is to ensure that our patients are constantly being educated about what it is we do when our office to keep you happy and healthy. In the following article, we will discuss an experience that we personally had in getting a root canal, and why you shouldn’t be scared to get one yourself.

How It Started

Most root canal treatments are sought by patients who initially notice pain in a molar. If you’ve never had a toothache before, this can seem abnormal and excruciatingly painful. Pain can keep you awake, and even cold compresses may prove to not work. While experiencing this kind of pain, it may be hard to truly understand what’s happening and the best course of action to take, but it is important to remember that seeing your dentist as soon as possible is the best route to take. At Quad Dental we are always open to our patients for any questions and concerns they may have and even dental emergencies that may arise.

What is a Root Canal

To begin with, it’s important that we understand exactly what a root canal treatment is—the removal of an infected area of the tooth. Typically the pulp of our teeth can become infected and inflamed and cause a great deal of pain if not treated properly. By removing this pulp, or the center of the tooth from your mouth, you ensure that infection does not spread to the rest of your body and can actually save your tooth to stay in your mouth.

During the Treatment

During treatment, anesthesia is used, but there can still be a certain degree of pain experienced during the procedure. Root canal treatments are not supposed to be painful, but a tooth with an abscess on it may contain acids that deactivate any anesthesia injected. If your infection is deep enough, the anesthesia may not be successful. In any case, we are constantly striving to keep our patients comfortable and safe during even what may seem like the most traumatic of procedures.

If you still have questions about root canals or would like to schedule an appointment to see if one is needed, feel free to give our Toronto, ON, office a call and we are ready and willing to help you in a moment’s notice.