8 Common Signs You Need Wisdom Teeth Removal

8 Common Signs You Need Wisdom Teeth Removal

September 1, 2021

Wisdom teeth are the last teeth to erupt and are used for grinding the food down. They erupt at the age of 17 and 25.

Wisdom teeth were more useful to our ancestors because their diet consisting of roots, leaves, nuts, and meat caused excessive wearing to the teeth. The availability of modern eating utensils helps to cut food and cook most foods to make them softer reduces the chewing power required.

Softer diets mean that molars face lesser abrasion and wearing out. Therefore, wisdom teeth become impacted or fail to erupt at all, and this is because there’s no space for them to occupy.

If wisdom teeth fail to erupt, they can cause gum disease, infection, pain, and discomfort, and that means you’ll need a wisdom tooth extraction.

Signs Calling for Wisdom Tooth Extraction

The following are signs that you require wisdom teeth extraction:

Pain and irritation

One is likely to experience aches and pains when wisdom teeth are growing. Contact our dentist in North York, ON, if you experience pain, slight throbbing sensation, sensitivity or discomfort in your oral cavity.

Difficulty eating

Experiencing pain when eating may be a reason to take out your wisdom teeth. Food can get stuck between the tops of the teeth and the gums and can cause a lot of issues if one cannot clean that area well enough when brushing. If the dentist can’t resolve the issue, then extraction is the only way forward.

Cysts development around the tooth

A cyst is a sac filled with fluid that can damage or impact the roots of adjacent teeth. If left untreated, it can become a tumor creating the need for additional surgery.

Teeth that are not straight

Crooked wisdom teeth can make other teeth shift when they grow and can cause damage to the other teeth. When jaws aren’t large enough to accommodate another set of molar teeth and the erupting wisdom tooth bumps against other teeth, it will grow sideways. You should consider wisdom teeth removal in North York before seeking orthodontic treatment to create room for misalignment to shift.

Sinus issues

The third set of molars can cause various problems. These issues can arise when teeth grow in on the upper jaw. Teeth can push against the sinuses applying pressure on them, and it happens when they grow and develop roots. This problem rarely occurs.

Wisdom teeth at times can cause sinus pain, headaches, congestion and pressure.

Inflamed gums

When wisdom teeth begin to sprout out,they can form a flap of gum tissue that dwells next to the tooth. The gum tissue traps small particles of bacteria and food. As a result, the tissue surrounding the teeth may become inflamed, making it difficult to clean. The same thing may happen to the wisdom teeth beneath your gums.


Wisdom teeth position impacts the cleaning surfaces where bacteria can hide. If there’s any irritation on the gums, pockets can form in between the teeth causing bacteria to grow. Bacteria growth promotes the development of cavities.

Poor oral hygiene and bad breath

Wisdom teeth erupt in areas that are hard to reach, making it more challenging to brush and floss. As a result, you may experience a persistent bad taste in your mouth or bad breath unless you extract your wisdom teeth.

What Does the Extraction Procedure Entail?

Removing wisdom teeth can lead to optimal dental health.

At Quad Dental, the dentist performs the procedure using general or local anesthesia. During consultations, we discuss all surgical risks and anesthetic options. We suture the gums after extracting wisdom teeth. Our dentist will put gauze in your mouth for you to bite down to help control the bleeding.

Upon completion of the procedure, you will have a period for recovery in our clinic before going home. We will give you a recovery kit containing instructions, antibiotic and pain prescriptions and a scheduled appointment to take away sutures after the treatment.

Failing to pay attention to the signs of your wisdom teeth as they erupt can cause you to experience complications in the future. This may lead to the need for emergency wisdom teeth removal.

Getting rid of wisdom teeth has several benefits, including:

  • Less facial discomfort
  • More defined facial features
  • Prevents unwanted tooth movement
  • Reduces the risk of oral infections
  • Reduces the frequency of headaches