5 Facts You Need to Know About Dental Implants

5 Facts You Need to Know About Dental Implants

August 16, 2019

Many people are suffering from the problem of missing teeth. This affects you both physically and mentally. They cannot smile with confidence and find difficulty in eating. There is only one solution to such problems i.e. dental implants.

You all must have heard about the dental implants. This is the standard way of replacing the missing teeth. There are 5 facts of dental implants which you all need to know.

Dental implants are nearly as strong as natural teeth

Dental implants are the advanced tooth for replacing the missing tooth. They are very strong because they are made from titanium. They are placed into the bone and covered with crowns, bridges or dentures for further protection.

Dental implant surgery is predictable!

Anybody can get scared when they hear the word surgery. They think it is quite complicated. Don’t worry because dental implant surgery is successful and simple.

If you have enough jawbones in a good condition for support of the implants then you are suitable for this surgery.

Dental implants don’t get cavities

Over time, the natural teeth wear and tear, get gum disease and cavities. Cavities need to be filled soon because it leads to decay and weakens a tooth. Therefore, dental implants are not prone to decay as they are made from titanium. You just need to brush and floss them regularly.

Dental implants can improve your health

People lose their confidence due to missing teeth. Their life may reduce by almost 10 years. It is difficult to maintain a healthy diet without teeth in place. Get the dental implants that allow you to eat and make you feel confident.

Dental implants preserve the jawbone

Due to the lost teeth, the jawbone will recede. The shape of your mouth will change and gives wrinkles. This makes you look older and also affects the denture. Therefore, dental implants mix and preserve the bone.

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