Thanksgiving Delicacies That May Not Be Delicious For Your Teeth

Thanksgiving Delicacies That May Not Be Delicious For Your Teeth

November 1, 2019

Thanksgiving and the time to enjoy the delicacies of the day is not far away. You could be preparing to have a good time with your family thinking about the mouthwatering foods you could have to enjoy yourselves. However, have you been considered how you can care for your oral hygiene this Thanksgiving day? We are providing a few suggestions for you to go the entire distance and enjoy yourself without forgetting your dental hygiene also needs to be attended to.

Consider the suggestions we provide because they could help you maintain your dental hygiene.

Enjoying The Delicacies Of Thanksgiving


The main course of Thanksgiving is packed protein and is the star of the Thanksgiving table. You may want to dive at your serving the moment the dish is served you.

While your enthusiasm to enjoy the turkey can be understood you are advised that turkey can be difficult to have at times because the meat can get stuck between your teeth. Having foods that leave remnants between your teeth will make flossing essential and therefore you just need to remember to floss after enjoying turkey.

Cranberry Sauce

This is a Thanksgiving tradition that is tasty. Cranberries being tart require sugar or its substitutes to be added to many recipes. This dish can also be acidic, sticky and may temporarily leave stains on your teeth.

If you decide to have cranberry sauce by itself the sugar content, stickiness and the tendency of the little berries to stick between your teeth and the acidity they can form make this dish one of the foods that need to be had with a meal. Definitely, have your fill of cranberry sauce without forgetting to brush your teeth after the meal.


Yams are sweet potatoes that are rich in vitamins A and C. The vitamins can keep your gums healthy and different recipes can be prepared with yams.

Yam delicacies that are candied also called for marshmallows. Your teeth can suffer damages from sticky foods especially if you are wearing Invisalign braces because they can stay on your teeth longer and also on the clear braces in your mouth.

Certainly, enjoy the candied marshmallows in moderation and have plenty of water with your meal to ensure any leftover food in your mouth is washed away.

Green Bean Casserole

Green Beans, mushrooms and onions are all healthy.

The casserole may, however, be sticky and the little beans may get stuck in your teeth. This can be a problem if you are due for wisdom tooth extraction.

Set your thoughts about wisdom tooth extraction for another day and dig into the casserole by keeping a floss pick handy. The stuff is too good to be missed.

Macaroni and Cheese

Let your lips reach both ears when you say CHEESE. Many recipes require cheese and milk to be added to them and the calcium from these ingredients can help strengthen your teeth.

If good cheese is used in the recipe it can be gooey. Starchiness is also associated with white pasta that can leave sugar behind on the teeth.

It is suggested that you have a sensible portion of this dish to keep your mouth healthy without forgetting to brush and floss after the meal.

Mashed Potatoes and Gravy

As a dietary source potatoes that are rich in vitamin C, B6 and potassium have their importance.

Potatoes are also starchy and leave behind cavity-causing bacteria that love the sugar which is contained in the starch. The bacteria also loves to attack the root canal leaving you with a problem you wouldn’t want to think of on Thanksgiving.

Attempt to achieve the health benefits of this dish if it is covered in gravy. After all, Thanksgiving only arrives once a year and there is no harm in enjoying it to your heart’s content.

Pumpkin Pie

Enjoying all the delicacies mentioned without having pumpkin pie would be unjustified because pumpkin which is rich in vitamin A can help your gums remain healthy and build enamel on your teeth.

You can be affected by the added sugar in the pie and any other whipped topping that may be put on top.

This is another annual treat that is better had after dinner. Having such treats after dinner can keep the saliva flowing to wash away any leftover food in your mouth.

The suggestions provided do not mean you can overlook your scheduled appointment with your dentist for cleaning and examinations but is only to make you aware of the foods you can enjoy and the way it is best done to say THANKS to everyone.