Healthy Smile and Oral Exam

Good Dental Health Starts with a Good
Oral Evaluation

We talk to people daily about how they hesitated to make their first appointment. Some people just tense up when they think of a trip to the dentist. They fear pain and discomfort. But the reality is you put your smile at risk and the increased chance of pain and discomfort without a proper oral examination.

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Why Oral Exams are Important

Just like a medical check-up, oral exams help keep your dental health in check and your entire well-being happy. It maximizes oral hygiene and the chance of a healthy smile. Oral exams minimize future dental problems and decrease future expense necessary to maintain that attractive smile.

The biggest benefit of a proper dental examination is to identify existing issues or disease early on to prevent larger problems and cost. These problems include gum disease and infection which will impact your mouth, your smile, and other parts of your body as well.

A smile is infectious. It brings a positive attitude everywhere you go to enhance your lifestyle with first impressions, developing relationships, and professional confidence. Why risk that with an increased chance of gum disease, orthodontic distress, undue cavities, root canal, and tooth loss.


The Quad Dental Difference

Our experience in optimizing beautiful smiles by providing dental care and professional examination help us:

  • Teach you how to maintain your healthy smile
  • Explain all procedures clearly and concisely
  • Answer all your questions and address all your concerns
  • Attend to your immediate issues immediately
  • Keep you calm and comfortable

You’ll be pleased with the caring of our staff and with the quality of our services.

For more information about how an oral examination can help you attain and maintain a healthy smile call Quad Dental at 647 955 2252 or contact us.