Tooth Extractions

Tooth Removal in North York Toronto

A tooth which has decayed severely may need to be removed to protect your surrounding teeth and jawbone. If you’ve been experiencing sensitivity in a tooth and prolonged pain, ask our team at Quad Dentistry for an examination and tooth assessment. We can quickly examine your dental issue and determine if you require tooth removal or a procedure to save your tooth. You can trust us to provide professional and caring dental care.


We Prioritize Patient Comfort and Safety

Learning you need an extraction procedure may cause you distress. At Quad Dental, we strive to make you feel confident with every dental care decision required. We consult you and explain clearly and concisely our recommendations and your options.  We discuss what happens during each step and provide aftercare instructions for your complete recovery.


You may need tooth removal because:

  • Gum disease
  • Infection
  • Trauma
  • Overcrowding
  • Impacted wisdom teeth
  • Dead root
  • Deep decay


Tooth Extraction Surgery

Often, a visible tooth which needs removal can be taken care of with a traditional extraction procedure. This procedure requires only a local anesthetic for comfort. Your dentist will lift and extract the tooth with relative ease rather quickly. This procedure is optimal for wisdom teeth which have erupted and teeth which are not deeply infected.

A surgical tooth removal is required when there is impaction below the gums, and the tooth has not erupted. This procedure may require additional anesthesia to block pain and recovery may be more involved. Your Quad Dental dentist will prescribe an oral medication if necessary for comfort after the procedure. They will also provide instructions to treat the area for optimal recovery.

For more information about tooth extraction, please call Quad Dental at 647 955 2252 or contact us here.


Tooth Extraction FAQs

What are your tooth removal alternatives?

When we recommend a tooth extraction, that means we considered all alternatives and the tooth or teeth needs removal. Preventative dental care is the only way to prevent tooth extraction before it is necessary.

Should I replace the tooth after tooth removal?

Yes, for the sake of your dental health and the health of the other teeth, you should replace the missing slot after tooth extraction with a bridge or implant. The notable exception would be for your wisdom teeth.