Teeth Whitening

For That Brilliant Smile and Fantastic
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Tooth Whitening in North York Toronto Where We Give the Smile of Your Dreams

A smile can say a lot – and discolored or yellowed teeth may cause you to smile less. At Quad Dental we dedicate our careers to help our patients get the brilliant, white smile of their dreams. The sparkling smile that will open doors, increase social interaction, and enhance developing relationships.

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The Reason for Tooth Whitening

There are several reasons which lead to premature discolored or yellowed teeth, with age being the most predominant. Regular dental visits and good oral hygiene diminish the process, but it’s often necessary to start whitening teeth to revive your smile to pearly white again.

Tooth discoloration causes:

  • Genetics
  • Smoking
  • Medications
  • Coffee or red wine
  • Age

It’s not uncommon for your teeth to discolor unevenly – with some patients experiencing discoloration with the tops only while others experiencing discoloration exclusively at the bottom. Whitening teeth from a Quad Dental dentist can help even these discolorations to a brilliant white, healthy, and natural looking smile.


Is Tooth Whitening Safe?

Teeth Whitening is an effective and safe procedure when done by a licensed dental facility. It requires professional training and experience.  Improper teeth whitening may cause excessive tooth sensitivity and undue gum irritation.

Quad Dental has much experience in teeth whitening treatments. We can help you realize if you’re a good candidate for teeth whitening, and can develop a personalized plan to bring back your brilliant smile and self-confidence.


Whitening Teeth FAQs

Does whitening teeth damage my enamel?

No, there is no evidence of permanent damage caused to the enamel by tooth whitening.

Does whitening teeth cause permanent sensitivity?

You may experience some tooth sensitivity, but only temporarily.

Is tooth whitening treatment for me?

Most people who want to increase their smile to a more brilliant white are candidates for teeth whitening.

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