Tooth Extraction FAQs

What are your tooth removal alternatives?
When we recommend a tooth extraction, that means we considered all alternatives and the tooth or teeth needs removal. Preventative dental care is the only way to prevent tooth extraction before it is necessary.
Should I replace the tooth after tooth removal?
Yes, for the sake of your dental health and the health of the other teeth, you should replace the missing slot after tooth extraction with a bridge or implant. The notable exception would be for your wisdom teeth.

FAQs for Cosmetic Dentistry

Why should I visit a dentist in North York?
Our North York dentists are trained to provide multiple procedures designed to enhance your smile. For chipped teeth, crooked teeth, or space between your teeth, our North York dentist will help you attain the beautiful smile you have always desired.
Will My Insurance Cover Cosmetic Dentistry?
The answer can vary. At Quad Dental, our support staff will work with you to provide different treatment options and coordinate with your insurance provider what coverage is available. You will be informed of all costs before treatment to best plan for your needs within your budget.
How long will each cosmetic treatment take?

Every smile we treat is as unique as every patient. While cosmetic dental treatments vary, many can be completed with one visit. Our dentist in North York will assure the fewest treatments possible.

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