Dental Procedures Performed in A Smile Makeover for a Complete Smile Transformation

Dental Procedures Performed in A Smile Makeover for a Complete Smile Transformation

April 1, 2021

Transforming smiled has become a very common agenda in cosmetic dentistry. More people are finding the value of improving their aesthetic appearances by modifying parts of their oral cavities.

When there are things you dislike about your smile, you can bank on a cosmetic dentist near you to fix the problems through smile transformation procedures.

​What Are Smile Makeovers?

They are services offered in cosmetic dentistry to modify the features of a smile with the intend of beautifying it. They encompass a variety of dental processes to improve the overall appearance of a smile. Your Smile can be transformed through a single dental procedure. However, in many cases, patients require multiple procedures to achieve their desired smile outcome.

What Entails A Smile Transformation?

This kind of makeover is different from other cosmetic procedures performed in your body. The idea is to achieve excellence in the appearance of your smile. For some patients, it is like getting a completely new smile. Some of the factors that are under consideration for such processes are:

  1. Facial appearance
  2. Your skin tone
  3. Your natural hair color
  4. Your teeth – ranging from color, shape, width, length, and overall luster.
  5. Your gum tissue

These features are considered so that the makeover process will accentuate your features. In that sense, the kind of transformation that works for one patient may not be the exact one that would work for you.

Types of Procedures for Smile Transformation

Depending on what your cosmetic needs and goals are, your dentist will recommend a variety of treatments or only one. Some of the common procedures applied in smile transformation include the following:

  1. Teeth whitening – is one of the most common procedures in cosmetic dentistry. It entails the brightening and whitening of teeth to make them appear better than the original natural color of your teeth. Teeth brightening can be done differently depending on what you prefer. One method involves directly bleaching the enamel of your teeth to whiten them. The other includes a bonding procedure that attaches dental veneers to the front surfaces of your stained teeth.
  2. Teeth reshaping – these procedures are used to alter and modify the shape of teeth. This can be regarding size, height, or even the shape of your teeth. This kind of reconstruction involves shaving part of your teeth’ enamel, then using dental veneers or dental crowns to cover the tooth. A crown or veneer is usually manufactured following the measurements of your dentist based on your teeth’ molds.
  3. Teeth alignment – it is commonly a service offered in orthodontic dentistry, which involves the proper positioning and alignment of teeth. In many cases, this is achieved through using dental appliances like braces and other such-like teeth aligners. However, in cosmetic dentistry, similar results can sometimes be achieved through the use of dental veneers and dental crowns. It works for some orthodontic problems like spacing between teeth.
  4. Teeth replacement – it involves processes that help replace missing teeth in your mouth. Teeth replacement can be done by employing the use of the following oral procedures:
  1. Dentures – are artificial teeth designed to replace multiple missing teeth. In smile transformations, partial dentures are used the most, since patients have the rest of their natural teeth intact. Dentures can be fashioned to mimic the feel and look of natural teeth.
  2. Dental implants – involve inserting a screw-like metal post made of titanium, in the jawbone. This serves as a replacement for the root of the missing tooth. Afterward, a dental crown would be needed to cover the top of the implant for a natural-looking and functional outcome.
  3. Dental bridges – they are used to replace few missing teeth. They feature an artificial tooth supported by dental crowns. Ideally, you need to have adjacent natural teeth to the missing tooth for you to receive a dental bridge. Bridges are suitable for replacing one or two missing teeth.
  • Gum surgeries – these are surgical procedures performed to alter the appearance of the gum tissue. They are offered in two different packages:
  1. Gum grafting – usually used to treat receded gum tissue. It is mostly necessitated for patients who have suffered from periodontitis.
  2. Gum reduction – involves reducing the amount of gum tissue in an oral cavity. It is common for patients who have gummy smiles so that a lot of the gum tissue shows when they smile.